58. How to describe the process of medical procedures

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If you ain’t a medical student or in the medical profession, how would you describe the process of going through the following medical procedures?

1. CT scan

Brace yourself and enjoy the “ride”. Having a CT scan is like preparing to launch into outer-space in a spaceship. The tube just keep circling round your head and it seems like you might start flying or teleport to your next holiday destination. But the sound makes it equally as nauseous, maybe that’s why patients are usually given eye covers to protect their sense of visual to reduce the impact.

I wonder how astronauts feel when they are in the spaceship. Do they sing, mediate or start praying while preparing for the spaceship to launch? It takes someone with guts to win a battle of possible claustrophobic attack.

2. X-ray

Striking poses with your chin tilted at a 45 degree angle like Tyra Banks is rooting for you to win the America’s next top Model? That’s how a X-ray seems to be. Insert the film to the board to capture the wonders of the monochrome photography; any flaws to your spine or neck would stand out like Audrey Hepburn, the natural beauty whom till today rules the monochrome film industry.

3. MRI

MRI is merely a code name for a PRIVATE techno party. Imagine placing Carl Cox and friends one after another in a single dance track that can go on as long as an hour. And the only downside to this party is you are not allowed to move along to the beat and no friends are allowed. One single move and you might need to revisit the same playlist again; leaving you in wonder what good have you done in life to deserve such a pleasant momentary of solitude.

The wonders of modern medical technology is evolving as fast as how digital marketing is complementing traditional marketing.

Well, I suppose that’s how a layman like me would describe it.


#56 Have you had food poisoning before?

blur-blurred-bokeh-891683 (1).jpg

It feels like you had too much of a drink and you start to return everything from your guts to Mother Nature through the wishing well of eternal goodbyes. It went on for a couple of rounds, at first you thought it might be indigestion cause you ate more than you usually did.

Nope, a few disco rounds later, it became a music festival! A consultation with the doctor and the diagnosis – “You got food poisoning.”

Food poisoning may affect just one person or a whole group of people who are exposed to the contaminated food or drink. It depends on how much of the toxin was consumed and also how sensitive they are to the toxin.

Depending on the symptoms of food poisoning, it can begin hours or days after consuming contaminated food or drink. The timing depends in part on the cause of the food poisoning and also on the amount of food or drink you consumed.  You may get the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

The most common complication one can get is dehydration from food poisoning. Not only are you losing fluid, you are also losing essential nutrients and mineral from your body such as salt. While recovering, start taking bland food, such as congee, chicken stock soup and bananas. I tried drinking cold watermelon juice and it started to rumble, best to keep off cold stuff for the time being. Also avoid having coffee, tea, dark sodas, and other caffeinated drinks – they can make dehydration worse.

At home, we can prevent food poisoning when we prepare our own food:

  • Cook: To ensure adequate heating time at the proper temperature to kill any bacteria.
  • Separate: Separate foods to avoid cross-contamination; especially raw meat.
  • Chill: Chilled storage can slows the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Clean: Keep utensils and tabletops clean and wash your hands frequently, especially before eating or touching the mouth and after handling raw food.

Prepare safe, eat safe and be safe!

For now, it’s time to conquer FOEO (fear of eating out).






#55. Gossip and why is it so seductive?

Reposting an article I read about the topic: why is Gossip so seductive? and what caught my eye was an extract of how to break away from the cycle.

“How to Break out of the Gossip Cycle

If you want to break the gossip habit, it is important to first think deeply about why you gossip, and which of the above reasons resonates with you most. You need to discover what role gossip plays in your life, both interpersonally (between you and other people; e.g., facilitating bonding when you’re socially anxious) and intrapsychically (within yourself; e.g., making you feel better about issues that you’re insecure about).

We all have a fair share of friends and colleagues who like to gossip and while some studies featured in The Atlanta article- “Have You Heard? Gossip Is Actually Good and Useful” shows that it has its advantages but it can also be damaging at the same time, ie. Inefficient use of time- gossiping about others.

In one 1985 study of Silicon Valley companies, gossip was shown to help recent hires adjust to their new jobs, by filling them in on things like office expectations and what they shouldn’t say to the boss.

Positive gossip, about people doing something well, had “self-improvement value” for participants, as an example of how they themselves could do better. Negative gossip did indeed make people feel better about themselves, but it also made them more fearful that they might be gossiped about, too. After all, hearing negative gossip meant they were in an environment where people gossip negatively about each other. They could be next.

And according to Forbes, Ten habits of incredibly happy people, one of the habits is to have deep conversations and avoid gossips.

They have deep conversations.

Happy people know that happiness and substance go hand-in-hand. They avoid gossip, small talk, and judging others. Instead they focus on meaningful interactions. They engage with other people on a deeper level, because they know that doing so feels good, builds an emotional connection, and is an interesting way to learn.

So guess now you know why we should learn to gossip in moderation and not be addicted to how seductive it can be!

Engage in a more meaningful conversation and do something productive today!

#54. Starting a new job. Are you nervous?

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“The scariest moment is just before you start.”

Humans are hardwired to fear change. Facing the unknown, our heart flutters like we met the love of our life, anxiety heightens the endorphins; disrupts our sleep and even eating habits. A million thought bubbles quietly emerges at the back of your mind while you are having orientation on the 1st day of your new job. Coping with a new environment, culture, systems and processes can prove to be challenging but with an open mind and flexibility, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are!

Will I fit in? Will my team like me? One of the few questions that many will ask themselves before they start their new job. If you are entering an established company, it is likely that the company already has an social culture or tribe in place. In plain terms, it means that there are already formed social groups (unspoken) by hierarchy, personalities or even reputations. Don’t be afraid to be who you are, eccentric, crazy, loud, reserved or quiet. Remember you are hired because of your personality and ability to get the job done. Any relationship is a 2 way traffic, same goes for working relationship, there will be compromises, agreements and disagreements. At the end of the day, we are all hired to get the job done. So be yourself and worry lesser!

When in doubt, ask!

Being direct can be challenging especially if you are one those few who tend to consider other people’s feelings during any conversations. Don’t be afraid to ask when you are in doubt. No questions are silly and even if so, it is easier to look silly during your 1st week of the job than when you are 1 month into the job! Ask as many question as you can to clear your doubts to help facilitate your upcoming projects. “Who? When? Why? What? And How?”, the top 5 keywords on the new job! Who should I be asking for approval? When is the deadline? Why is the process established in this way? What is the dynamics of the decision panel? How do I get the report on time?

Understand how the company operates

If you are in the sales and marketing function, it helps to understand how the frontline operations operate. Opt for a short day or 2 attachment with the frontline staff and you’ll find answers while working with them. Finding out their strengths and challenges not only help you to understand how the business operates; it can also help you to redesign better workflow or even plan effective sales and marketing campaigns to implement. A happy employee empowered with the right tools =  happy customers. With new found understanding of the business, you’ll find yourself integrating and adjusting faster.

“Stay out of your comfort zones. You will only grow when you feel uncomfortable.”

Staying uncomfortable.

Comfort breeds complacency. We learn and grow only when we are uncomfortable where we learn to adjust and find alternative solutions to make ourselves comfortable again. During the uncomfortable journey, we expand our width and volume to pick up new skills and habits, to better ourselves in preparation to counter the next uncomfortable situation. So while you’re on the new job, you’ll be learning new things everyday about yourself and adding new credentials to your resume.

Feeling nervous is a good sign that you are welcoming new experiences. So be yourself and go for it!






#53. Start your day early!

Start Your Day Early!.jpg

Climbing out of bed early in the morning was always tough during my teens. Sleeping in whenever I can, to catch up on my beauty sleep was a norm since I was juggling between school and 2 part time jobs. Undeniably, it became a bad habit.

Over time, I changed  my morning habits and reap the benefits of waking up.

It’s just the morning stillness and you.

Not everyone is a morning person. You’ll be surprise how quiet the mornings can be. The perfect time to unwind, stare out of the window with your cup of coffee and simply enjoy the moment of being with yourself.

Concentration. Concentration. Concentration.

It also improves your concentration level and focus to plan your day ahead while the world is sleeping. Making better decision in the morning as compared to the afternoon or night since we tend to be more alert in the morning.

No more panic attacks.

You can take a long bath. Soak in a hot tub. Eat breakfast. With more time to spare, you can relax at the start of the day and plan the day ahead, surviving yet another panic disorder as compared to waking up late. Starting the day with optimism drives your tendency to be more positive throughout the day too!

Better diet plans.

Rather then just grabbing a cup of coffee, why not add real food to your morning routine. According to studies, not only does breakfast provide you the energy to start your day but also including health benefits, such as weight control.

So with 50% determination and 50% persistence, you can learn to start a new habit of waking early in the morning for a happier and healthier you!





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#52. Are you good at eating alone?

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I’ve been taking lunch on my own for the past 5 months. Am I anti social? Nope. Is it depressing to eat alone? It can be.

For some, it’s an extremely uncomfortable situation to dine alone or even to sit opposite a stranger and have a meal. Nonetheless, the experience can be quite enriching while you’re embarking on an alone time. Enjoying your own company and the freedom to get lost without any interruption except momentarily buzz from your boss on your cellphone.

Why should we be afraid to eat alone? Many believe it might be related to the anxiety of being socially acceptable to be seen with others than being alone. Remember movies or drama you watched on TV where awkward college students tend to eat alone? There is nothing to feel awkward or ashamed of.

Rather than eating alone for months, try it once a week and you might find a reason or two that’s beneficial for you.

  1. Eating alone can help to build confidence. It is common to feel awkward to sit across a stranger while you eat and have accidental eye contact. I typically start to ease my awkwardness by asking if the seat is taken. And if the stranger does feel a little chatty while finishing their last mouthful of food, casual remarks about the weather helps too. Or simply zone out into outer space while you dine.
  2. Eating alone is an option for those who’s on a diet. If you are up for a diet, dining alone can actually keep you on track. According to a research report by NPD, it states that over half of Americans eat breakfast and lunch on their own, and, while dinner is the most social meal, 32 percent still feast friendless for their last meal. And Ph.D., expert on the psychology of human eating habits, John de Castro, says that people tend to eat less and healthier when they are alone as compared to when they are dining in a group. It’s quite true, when I have to eat alone, I tend to skip my meals or even simply grab a cup of coffee and play with my cellphone. 
  3. Eating alone gives me time to unwind and plan ahead. Eating together is a social fabric that many of us are used to. While dining with a group, it is common to have conversations that leaves you no alone time to think or unwind during a hectic day. Solo eating saves time on small talks and help you to focus on planning ahead or remembering what you might have forgotten to complete. At times, it helps to spur my creativity while I unwind and travel in frozen time capsule to go through my day/ week to catch up on my own progress.

So, why not mark a solo dining date with yourself ?




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#51. Do you own a pair of “Ugly dad sneakers”?

Just a reminder_

Step aside heels, the ugly dad sneakers are here to stay!

Fashion has its recurring cycle and yesterday’s fashion is here for another cycle. When luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga etc are actually making comfortable walking shoes to compete in the sneakers trend, you know it ain’t stylish to strut the walkway in your 12 inch’ high heels for the season.

Chunky and somewhat awkward, the ugly dad’s sneakers may not be the prettiest pair of shoes you’ll ever think that you’ll own but they are definitely making the headlines this year. Time to play catch up with the atheleisure chase, from runway heels to high end sneakers that you can run to catch the bus in, there is always a pair for both men and women alike.

It resembles a nostalgic piece of fashion that brings us back to the 1990s’. Do you remember the rave that Nike and Adidas brought back in 1990s?

Nike Air Max 

Credit: highsnobiety

Adidas EQT Solution

adidas 1998
Credit: Adidas

So do you own a pair of ugly dad sneakers that features the following characteristics?

Double of rip soles
Credit: Balenciaga


Unless you are prepared to spend between USD $945 for a pair of Balenciaga Triple S or USD $1090 for a pair of LV’s Archlight, you can also opt for a pair of  their cheaper cousins.

  1. FILA, Men’s Axilus Energized, USD $110
Credit: FILA

2. NIKE, Nike Air Max 95 Premium, USD $170

Credit: NIKE

3.  ADIDAS, Men’s Original, YUNG-1 SHOES, USD $120

Adidas- Yung 1.png
Credit: ADIDAS
**currently sold out

And the sneakers should practically be a breeze to match your current wardrobe. Try styling them with your everyday attire from casual to office wear!

Untitled design (6)
Credit: Pinterest

What happened to be old yesterday is today’s new. Dig into the darkest corner of your wardrobe and maybe you find a piece that might set you up to be the next trendsetter!

You might be interested in the following sites’ articles:

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Why Ugly Sneakers Are Back: A Theory 










#50 Infobesity? What’s that?

Today, I learnt a new word.

Information overload (also known as infobesity or infoxication) is a term used to describe the difficulty of understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information about that issu.png

We are all time-starved and info overloaded. “Infobesity” is a thing of the present. The term describes one with information overload and also describes the difficulty of understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information about that issue.

With the explosion of internet, everything that we need to know is now loaded right under our thumb and we practically can’t live without it. A push of the machine called the mobile phone with ultra powerful connection called the internet, it leads us to the gallery of enlightenment.  Cut the internet and we literally become “dumb” again.

How am I gonna tell a 3 year old kid the science behind the universe or how animations were made? That would totally diminished their joy of asking and getting answers from the apparently intelligent human being. I became dumb without my mobile phone, I cannot navigate my directions without my Google Map and there goes my training as a girl guide, my badges earned from surviving multiple night trail walks in the dark- crying, tripping and falling, all in the name of learning to use the ancient compass to learn a new skill- SURVIVAL.

Becoming infobesity is a luxury and yet the downfall, the ability to know information fast, momentarily forgeting about it with the thought at the back of my head that I can seek answers online when I need it. My brain has failed me, it’s losing its power to remember better and longer like it used to; the convenience of forgetting and efficiency to recall that memory through Google, a luxury irony of managing knowledge.

Oh dear!






#49. How about teleporting?

Where no man has gone before.jpg

Star Trek was renowned for its teleportation scenes and ever wished that you can teleport from one zone to another? Well, I would love to!

If you were given a choice to teleport between (1) one location to another OR (2) from the present to the past or the future, which one will you choose? Teleport back to the past to fix a mistake or fast forward a decision? Travel through time to know your future and travel back to the present to ensure you make a good decision? Or even conveniently to save time while getting from Point A to Point B in order to save precious time we lost while travelling?

There are many reasons to teleport and for one, Chinese scientists say they have “teleported” a photon particle from the ground to a satellite orbiting 1,400km (870 miles) away. A simple explanation of teleport – transmit rather than sending, for example, the concept of a fax machine. The very first fax, chemical telegraph was patented by Alexander Bain in the 1840s; much earlier than the invention of the phone by Alexander Graham Bell, founder of AT&T in 1870s. The components were fundamentally similar, they both had a sending and receiving end. Using the concept of photo sensor with a lens and a light, the system was able to “photocopied” the original document by detecting “black and white” spots and send the receiver end similar pointers to mark it on paper.

The law of physics simply might not allow the possibility of teleporting aka scientific name, Quantum Teleportation. Rather than the impossible, if we were to apply a hypothetical theory based on the fact that Star Trek’s screenwriters from the 1960s were inspired by Horatio Hornblower’s novel, Gulliver’s Travels that was originally published in the 1720s. They were able to create the sci-fi series based on the concept of time travel with a dose of creativity.

Science is a combination of theory and creativity and maybe, a great inventor in our future generation might be able to discover a solution to travel through time. If we look hard enough, there might be a possibility of teleport to where no man has gone before!

Remember the saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”