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#24 because money can buy me? 

Money is powerful. So powerful that it can destroy the world today.  But found a reminder today on Instagram:  Money can’t buy respect, you got to earn it. Even if you think it’s “respect”, it is really real?  Money can’t buy work ethic, you may be the CEO but your work ethic might be worse […]

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#22.  Live like a heritage building.

Bright and sunny, it looked as if it was wearing a crown-1930. One of my favourite neighborhoods, Joo Chiat. The heritage, the food, the temples, the Peranakan culture,  the people and best of all the architecture.  Each building had their own stories.  1930 marked the year it started its monarchy.  Survived the Great Depression, War […]

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#21. What have you learnt today? 

“I’m not learning anything from my boss.” “My boss doesn’t value add to my learning curve.” “My boss should be promoting me because I have been doing a lot of work.” “Why am I not promoted for doing some much work?” Everything I need to learn, I’ve learnt it myself.  I’ve been hearing a lot […]

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